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Our philosophy – form cooperation with patient, so that our knowledge would help patient to understand specific problem, and after that - together come to agreement about medical treatment options. It is a significant difference – making decision about patients medical treatment and cooperating with patient, after which making decision about further actions both involved sides agree on. Above all - what is written previously is not only sentence or slogan, but actual act.

We are sure, that most important thing in relationship between specialist and patient is communication. From communication essentially treatments outcome depends. Surgeon, therapist and patient are equivalently involved in treatment process. Each involved side can improve or impair treatments outcome. We are sure, that all sides involved in medical treatment are trying to achieve best possible outcome.

Life style, personal views, occupation, hobbies of each patient significantly affect, what decision will be made in specific medical situation, when course of treatment will be determined or even surgery. We believe, that our main target is providing patient with understandable information about his/her medical condition and introducing patient with recommended treatment. If surgery is required for patient, it is very important to fully explain what and why during surgery will be done and introduce with risks and potential complications. Outcome of medical treatment (including surgery) may significantly vary depending on patients other illnesses, severity of general illness, duration and other factors.

In order to achieve most efficient specialist and patients’ communication (cooperation), it is important for both sides to be ready. Accessibility of information is main method how to help patient prepare for consultation with specialist.

We wish, that patient would feel our care and at the same time willingly would get involved in solving his/her medical problem.


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