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Hand surgery

Hand surgery is a specific field of medicine and its specialists treats various conditions, problems and illnesses of upper extremities. It can be injuries, results of injuries, various hand diseases and congenital illnesses. Hand surgeon also offers treatment in damage of hand plexus nerve, quadriplegia and spasticity. Hand surgeons often are involved in solving problems in other parts of body, e.g. treating diseases in lower extremities.

Main target is to renew or improve hand function as good as possible, thus improving patients quality of life.

Hand surgeon must have knowledge about:

  • Anatomy of upper extremities.
  • Metabolism physiology of muscles, tendons, nerves, joints, blood circulation and bones.
  • Non-surgical treatment of various hand diseases and injuries.
  • Surgical (including microsurgical) treatment of various hand diseases and injuries.
  • Rehabilitation and functional orthotics.

Hand surgeon is an expert in following conditions:

  • Hand injuries – wound care, skeleton, blood vessels, nerve and tendon damage.
  • Fractures of hand, treating disorders in fracture healing (consolidation).
  • Damages of hand bonds, joint instability.
  • Hand and palm arthroscopy.
  • Hand amputation.
  • Hand burns.
  • Battered hand damage reconstructive surgery.
  • Hand damaged nerves reconstructive surgery.
  • Treatment of hand problems caused by quadriplegia, stroke, children cerebral palsy and brain damage.
  • Tendon transposition.
  • Treatment of congenital hand problems and conditions.
  • Hand joints arthritis.
  • Treatment of hand conditions caused by rheumatoid and other arthritis and autoimmune diseases.
  • Dupuytren’s contracture.
  • Overload syndrome.
  • Nerve compression syndrome.
  • Infections of hand.
  • Hand blood vessel diseases.
  • Hand tumors.

Currently in Republic of Latvia hand surgery is surgery subspecialty. Hand surgery may be practiced by professionals in related fields, for example plastic surgeon or orthopedic surgeon, after receiving significant training and passing certification examination.

In each European country is association that unites specialists of hand surgery, while Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand (FESSH) unites all associations. FESSH is founded in year 1966 and it had united members of 8 countries associations. At present federation have 26 countries associations and additional 4 corresponding countries associations. Main idea of federation is forming united quality standards, evolving education, science and promoting good practice standards in hand surgery between professionals and patients.


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