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Plastic surgery

The term plastic surgery originated from the Greek word „plastikos” meaning “to mold or shape”.

Plastic surgery field main task is to improve or fully restore patients’ body shape and functions, thus improving patients quality of life.

There are three branches:

1. Hand surgery

2. Reconstructive surgery

3. Cosmetic (aesthetic) surgery

Plastic surgeon is educated in all three branches. Usually each plastic surgeon more specializes in one of branches, but in solving patients problem is able to use all acquired knowledge from all branches. For example, performing nose shape correction if necessary surgeon will also improve breathing function or performing abdominoplasty surgeon will also strengthen abdomen front wall muscles. While for patients with bone fractures, tendon damage or formations during operation incisions will be made caring for potentially best scar cosmetic effect, if necessary scar correction operation will be performed too.

Plastic surgeon as a specialist and in cooperation with oncologist surgeons, thoracic surgeons, traumatologists, urologists, face-jaw surgeons, rheumatologists and other medical professionals can help solve very diverse illnesses and patient problems.


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